When Is Massage Not OK?

Although massage can be used to treat many many conditions and in general is hugely beneficial for both physical and mental health, there are some times when massage is not appropriate as it may cause harm. If any of these apply to you then I would suggest you speak to your GP before booking an appointment. I am happy to discuss your condition with you before you make an appointment – you can email or call me.

  • If you are less that 12 weeks pregnant (some massage therapist will work in the first trimester please make sure you tell them you are pregnant and find someone who is qualified to work with you during this time)
  • If you have a fever
  • If you have an infectious illness
  • If you have Osteoporosis (massage is fine with GP approval)
  • You have recently had surgery (massage is fine once you have your surgeon/GP’s approval)
  • If you have high blood pressure (massage is fine with GP approval)
  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer (some massage therapists will work with those undergoing treatment for cancer. Please tell them about your treatment and make sure you find someone who is qualified to work with you during this time)
  • If you are suffering from severe fatigue
  • If you are intoxicated
  • If you are feeling unwell without knowing the cause

As massage increases blood, lymph and fluid flow throughout the body it can exacerbate any symptoms of unwellness and may actually interfere with your body’s natural healing process. Therefore it is important that you don’t book a massage if you are unwell. If you have an appointment then start feeling unwell, please reschedule or call me to discuss further.