My massage style draws greatly on myofacial release – which is a slow, firm massage style that uses little or no wax – and deep tissue massage. I also incorporate my knowledge of anatomy and movement to guide the strokes I use and the way I use them. I do not subscribe to the theory that massage only works when it causes pain. At times an injury or muscle tension will cause some pain but in my view massage should never create unbearable pain or make existing pain worse.

For more information about fascia and its incredible role in the body please watch this short Ted Talk:

Massage Therapy Services Tauranga

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage uses gentle rhythmic strokes to help relax muscles, improve blood flow, release toxins and calm the nervous system. If you are feeling stressed/busy or just want to treat yourself to some ‘me’ time then relaxation massage is a great way give yourself some time to unwind. Relaxation massage is great for both your physical and mental health.

Children’s Massage

As a mother of two busy boys I know that sometimes they need a massage too! My children love being massaged and I find their tired and sore muscles respond much quicker than adults. Massage can be great if your child is involved in a lot of sport and are finding their muscles are tight or joints are niggling. When I work with children their parent stays in the room with us to make sure they feel comfortable at all times. Feel free to call me to discuss your child before booking a session.

60 minutes – $70.00

45 minutes – $55.00

90 minutes – $110.00

Pregnancy – $80 per hour

Children rates are less $10 per session

Gift Vouchers available online or contact me to arrange to pick one up


Massage Therapy Services Tauranga

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage tends to focus on a particular area of the body that is causing you pain or discomfort. This may be caused by work, sport, or an injury (old or new). Therapeutic massage uses deeper techniques, firmer pressure and may involve the therapist moving limbs to assist in stretching and softening muscles. Massage should never be used straight after an injury has occurred and if the injury is serious it is important that you see a doctor, physiology or osteo before seeking massage therapy. I am happy to work alongside other health professionals to get the best results for you.

Onsite Corporate Chair Massage

Chair massage is the perfect way to offer massage in a corporate setting as it can be done with clothes on. The client sits in a comfortable purpose made chair that allows the therapist to massage their back, neck, shoulders and arms with ease. This is an amazing addition to your staff wellness program to help combat stress and muscle tension, and to make them feel appreciated and supported. Rates are negotiable dependant on the location, number of staff and times allowed for each massage. Please call or email me to discuss your needs.