Pregnancy Massage

I am very happy to now be able to offer pregnancy massage to my clients and support them through the incredible journey of pregnancy. Having two children I have ‘been there done that’ and know that growing a baby is not always about blooming and sometimes you are tired and sore and your body is no longer your own! My pregnancy massage is a full body massage and focuses on relaxing Mum, easing muscle tension and assisting with the movement of fluid around the body. The client lies on their side and is supported by pillows and cushions to ensure they are able to relax and feel comfortable. I use gentle but firm rhythmic strokes and oils that are especially formulated for pregnancy and contain essential oils to support each trimester.

Massage during pregnancy can help to reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, ease muscle tension, assist additional fluid to move around the body, and provide Mum time to relax and focus on herself and her baby.

At the beginning of 2021 I undertook a Certificate in Pregnancy Massage through Pregnancy Massage Australia. This very thorough course covered the changes in the body during pregnancy, the risks associated with pregnancy and massage, and symptoms of high risk pregnancy issues such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-eclampsia and bleeding. Although we learnt how to massage in the first trimester I have chosen to only offer massage from the point of the 12 week scan onwards.

As a Massage Therapist my most important consideration is always to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my clients. This is even more a priority with my pregnant clients. To ensure the safety of Mum and baby I undertake a thorough assessment prior to the first massage and ask that Mum checks with their midwife that massage is appropriate for them. I do not offer massage to anyone who’s pregnancy has been deemed high risk, unless they have written approval from their GP. Some pregnancy related illnesses/issues that can make massage unsafe are:

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • pre-eclampsia
  • bleeding
  • severe morning sickness
  • multiple pregnancy losses
  • blood clotting disorders
  • cardiac disorders

If you have any of these please discuss massage with your midwife or GP before making a booking, I may ask for written clarification from them to ensure that it is safe for us to proceed.

When you book an initial Pregnancy Massage I will call you to briefly discuss your pregnancy before you arrive to ensure that massage will be suitable. The first appointment will be 75 minute to allow us to go through the initial assessment. Follow up appointment are 60 minutes.

” When I was 30 weeks pregnant, I received Catherine’s pregnancy massage. I really enjoyed Catherine’s hospitality and gentle massage in her cozy therapy room. After the massage, I felt so comfortable and my body had more energy. I would say that it is the best treat for a mum who is carrying and growing a baby in her belly for 9 months!”